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Base Camp Trek Annapurna

Ultimate 13-Day Trek Experience to the Annapurna Sanctuary

Your Journey to the Annapurna Region Begins Here

Nestled amidst the towering peaks of the Himalayas, the Annapurna Base Camp Trekking is a journey of discovery, challenge, and awe-inspiring vistas. From verdant valleys to snow-capped summits, every step you take immerses you deeper into the heart of Nepal’s natural beauty and cultural richness.

With over 14 years of experience leading trekkers through the Himalayas, Base Camp Trek Annapurna stands as a beacon of trust, expertise, and service. Our seasoned guides, with their deep-rooted passion for the mountains, ensure that every trekker experiences the wonders of Nepal safely and memorably.

Every trekker is unique, and so should their trekking experience. We pride ourselves on crafting journeys that cater to individual needs, ensuring that your adventure with us is nothing short of perfect.

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An Unforgettable Trekking Experience in Nepal

Our ABC Trek in Nepal is not just a trek; it’s an all-encompassing Himalayan experience. From the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the tranquil trails of Annapurna, we ensure every aspect of your 13-day journey is taken care of.

Included in Your Adventure:

  • Guided Trekking: Navigate the trails with our experienced and knowledgeable guides.
  • Accommodations: Comfortable stays in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and throughout the trek.
  • Meals: Savor local flavors with all meals provided during the trek.
  • Permits & Paperwork: Hassle-free arrangements for all necessary permits and TIMS card.
  • Local Insights: Dive deep into local cultures with village visits and interactions.
  • Safety First: Equipped with first aid and rescue arrangements for peace of mind.
  • 24/7 Support: Our team is always a call away, ready to assist you.
  • Sustainable Trekking: We believe in leaving no trace, ensuring our treks are environmentally friendly.

Dive into the heart of the Himalayas with Base Camp Trek Annapurna and create memories that last a lifetime.

Is the ABC Trek Right for You?

Embarking on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is an exhilarating experience, but it’s essential to assess if this adventure aligns with your physical capabilities and personal preferences. Here are five ways to determine if you’re ready for this journey:

1. Physical Preparedness

The trek involves 13 days of hiking, often for up to 8 hours a day. The trail takes you to altitudes exceeding 4,000 meters, making it crucial to be aware of and prepared for altitude sickness. It’s not just about stamina, it’s about acclimatizing your body to such heights. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms and preventive measures for altitude sickness.

Trekker on the way to Annapurna base camp, Nepal

2. Commitment to Fitness

Being in peak physical condition is paramount. This doesn’t mean you need to be an athlete, but a certain level of fitness is required to enjoy and complete the trek safely. Engage in regular training leading up to your trip, focusing on cardio exercises and strength training to ensure you’re adequately prepared.

3. Adaptability to Basic Amenities

The teahouses you’ll be staying in, while rich in local charm, offer only fundamental facilities. Be prepared for occasional cold showers, limited electricity, and sporadic Wi-Fi connections. Embracing these conditions is part of the authentic trekking experience.

4. Packing Prudently

The trek’s requirements vary with the seasons. It’s essential to pack not just based on personal needs but also considering the time of year you’re trekking. Research and ensure you have all the essentials. For guidance, refer to our comprehensive packing guide.

Tourist backpack and sleeping pad on a background of mountains

5. Embracing the Trek’s Popularity

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is well-loved, offering chances to connect with fellow adventurers. While it’s a popular route, there are still moments of solitude, ensuring a unique and magical experience for every trekker.

We understand that preparing for such a significant trek can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here every step of the way, ensuring you’re perfectly equipped and informed. From trekking tips to packing lists, we’ve got you covered.

Dive into our detailed program to get a comprehensive overview, and remember, we’re just a message away.


We handle itineraries, accommodations, and anything else you prefer not to deal with, so you can enjoy a carefree trek.


Our professional guides know the local terrain and are trained to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity both safe and enjoyable.


We are a financially protected company operating since 2014, and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.


Our 24/7 customer support is where we show our passion by making your well-being our number one priority.

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